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The heart of our technology is a high-tech textile submerged in the centre of the surf pool. This sophisticated tailormade textile, is designed in collaboration with SIOEN Industries Group, world leader in technical textiles. The result is a highly durable pillow that can withstand the high demands of our dynamic application, ensuring long-life use.

“We immediately considered this collaboration as a chance to demonstrate our customer-focused approach. We are active in maritime & marine sectors and see this new and fast-growing industry as a very exciting opportunity.

Now we are proud to say that along with divisions of the SIOEN Industries Group, we have succeeded to develop and produce a unique, ready-to-install membrane that meets all the requirements to produce world-class waves”

Youri Braeckman, General Manager Coatex, SIOEN Industries

The profile of this pillow can be adapted very precisely, pulling water towards it, or pushing water away from it. This action creates swell at the water’s surface. Depending on the wave type selected, the membrane is situated between from 2.5 to 4 meters depth at a safe distance from the surfer. The pillow itself is a soft structure without grids, nets, ropes, or other components that could pose risks for entanglement with a surfer or surfboard.

The water column moves in sync with the up and down movement of the membrane so very little impact results when a curious surfer attempts to exchange a surf session for a diving session!

The collaboration was encouraged by POM West-Flanders, the government agency that supports the economic development in the province West-Flanders. With a view to innovation, POM West-Flanders stimulates cooperation between companies via ‘Fabrieken voor de Toekomst’. The organisation wishes to support short-term and practice-oriented innovative cooperation projects between companies. The aim of the call is to accelerate a concept (product / technology / service) that is still in the idea phase to the pilot phase to proceed with development and / or testing.

“We supported the cooperation between Sioen Industries Group and AllWaves as both companies bring in specific knowledge to create this new application”, says Stefaan Verhamme, (Cluster Manager New Materials) “We believe in the upcoming markets both companies are aiming at world wide”.

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