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A superior surfing experience with amazing ROI.

AllWaves delivers a solid standalone business case, with lucrative return on investment, quickly.

Having a system with a high capacity, that is easy and affordable to maintain is key to a successful business model. The relatively simplicity of the AllWaves technology makes for an affordable system.

Size (m x m) 100 x 100 150 x 100 200 x 100
Note: the wavemaker is modular and can vary by meter
Capacity 64 96 128
Price (excl. subscription) 5 M € * ** **
Waves / hour
  • Max
2.000 2.000


  • Recommended (15 waves/surfer)
960 1440 1920
Wave length (m) / rides (s)
  • Pointbreak
80 / 16 130 / 26 180 / 36
  • A-Frame
35 / 7 35 / 7 35 / 7
Different levels
Note: all have primary waves
2 2 up to 4
Surf zones 4 4 up to 8
Grid connection (MW) 1,75 3,5 5,25

* This indicative budget is based on the offers for the construction of the test centre at Knokke-Heist (Belgium).
**Civil works and water treatment depend on local conditions.

The first year’s full coverage is included in the purchase price. From year 2, we offer a full coverage subscriptin which includes preventive maintenance, revision, on-site repair, and if necessary, replacement of components.

A subscription guarantees a machine in peak condition with over 99% uptime.


Surfers in a 100m by 100m pool


Max waves per hour


Max rides per hour


Reommended waves per surfer

The system makes a wave every 7 seconds. This means up to 500 waves per hour which, with 4 surfers means up to 2000 rides per hour, non-stop. At the start of each session, the operator confirms the number of surfers in the pool and the system generates up to 15 waves per surfer. This guarantees no energy, and no wave is wasted.

25% less energy consumption than the current best available system

Our hardware is designed to optimise the energy transmission between AllWaves’ installation and the wavemaker and between the wavemaker and the water. This energy efficiency reduces the overall energy cost and increases income.


Predictive tool

Depending on different parameters such as opening hours and expected visitors, a payback period for a 10,000 square metre AllWaves surf pool, excluding land, buildings, landscaping and other features or utilities, can be 2 years.

At AllWaves we have engineered a predictive tool that can give you all the numbers you need to start planning for your own AllWaves surf pool. All we need to know are some basic details and then we can get started!

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