Answers to your frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will the wavepool be open for the public?
    The AllWaves wavepool technology is currently being demonstrated at the company’s R&D site in Knokke-Heist, Belgium, where surf park developers can witness it first hand. Closely follow our socials our subscribe to our newsletter to have the latest update.
  • What is the effect of wind on orientation of a wavepool?
    There is very little to no influence on wave quality but there is an influence on the surf experience.
  • Can we operate the wavepool with sea water?
    We want to provide an as natural as possible surfing experience, so depending on your region surfers may opt for clearer water or not. All our components can be used in chlorinated, fresh or salt water. We offer support in looking for different scenarios.
  • How deep is the wavepool?
    At its deepest point, where the wavemaker lies, it is 7 meters (23 foot) deep.
  • What is the size & shape of an AllWaves wavepool?
    The minimum size is 100mx100m, the length can vary. You can play with borders to make any freeform shape of your own design.
  • What is the price of a wavepool?
    There are 3 components to the price. Civil works is region dependent, based on type of ground & slope. The wavemaker itself is a variable of its length. The longer the pool, the more expensive. Thirdly, there’s a mandatory full omnium. Read more on pricing.
  • How long does it take to build an AllWaves wavepool?
    When civil works are performed, the installation of the wavemaker takes less than 3 months.  Read more about a typical project timeline.
  • How many waves can you produce?
    We can produce more than 500 waves per hour, on 4 peaks, meaning up to 2000 rides per hour. Read more on capacity.
  • How many different waves can you make?
    We can make endless variability of waves by adapting both speed, height and as well as shape. We can make small to big barrels, crumblers, air sections…etc we can even make different sections within one wave.

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