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A wavepool is not built in 1 day. On the contrary, it takes careful preparation to start a wavepool project. It can take multiple years before you can welcome the first surfers in your wavepool, and it can be kind of overwhelming.  But don’t be discouraged, at Allwaves, we have experience in this. By having built our own full scale test facility. Therefore, below, we explain how we support you during the entire process.

Financial Tool

Firstly, we created a predictive financial tool to calculate your total cost of ownership. Together, we discuss optimal layout, capacity of surfers, opening hours etc… It helps build your business case, kickstart your feasibility study and you can start raising funds. All we need are some basic details and we can get started.

Contract with AllWaves

Next,we sign a pre-contract to assure exclusivity on your territory. It covers preparation work for the urban planning phase. The next contracts are paid in seperate installments, in sync with delivery milestones. Your wavepool project with AllWaves has now officially started.

End-to-end project management

We will explain the requirements applicable for the civil works. Together, we evaluate & meet with contractors  and negotiate the principles of conduct.
AllWaves shares all the necessary documentation for the engineering and construction companies to start (e.g. technical drawings, installation documents, and site-specific installation plans)

Construction Phase

We carry out full project management overseeing all technical work and logistics. Such as technical specifications, necessary equipment & machinery, designated areas for storage and installation and other relevant details.


Our team is responsible for installing and commissioning your wavemaker. We train your employees and prepare them to open for business.

Full Coverage

The first year’s full coverage is included in the purchase price. From year 2, we offer a full coverage subscription contract. This includes remote monitoring, preventive maintenance, software and hardware updates, on-site repair, and if necessary, replacement of components.
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