Our waves

Any wave you want

Any wave you want

“An easy, rolling, crumbling wave of half a meter”, “one that starts with a barrel section, then a clean pocket to make turns, and a steep air section to finish with”, “…”

Ask anyone for their perfect wave and you get an infinite number of answers. That’s why a high variety of waves is essential in any surf pool.

Shaping our waves as an independent parameter instead of as a result of speed and height is unique.

As our name suggests, we offer all wave types with unmatched quality. Traditional technologies can vary speed and height, but this restricts overall wave variability. AllWaves is unique in the fact that we can add shape as an independent parameter to create an infinite range of waves. AllWaves gives users a wide diversity of waves and wave sections. For each setting, we can custom design the face, the pocket, the lip, and the white water.

AllWaves wavepool off the lip

Different waves at the same time

Waves break on a reef on each side of the pool. This creates perfect right and left point break waves along the length of the pool. A second reef is situated at the front of the pool. This A-frame reef offers another 2 surf rides, this time along the width of the pool. On every single wave generated by the wavemaker, four surfers can enjoy a perfect ride: two on a point break (right and left, length ways) and two on the A frame reef (right and left, width ways). All surfers enjoy primary high quality waves. You will not find secondary waves in the pool.

Different surfers have different preferences. Point breaks and A-frames can have different wave setups. This means friends with different skills can surf together.

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