The world’s safest wavepools
with a natural look & feel

Any wave you like

Our revolutionary wave generating technology guarantees non-stop high quality waves. We are the first to present the world’s safest and highly energy efficient wavepools. Our knowledge on wave generation is captured in intelligent algorithms with infinite wave variability. A simple push on the App makes the desired wave roll. 

Our wavepool technology:

  • has a natural look & feel
  • is extremely safe
  • has a high ROI & a low total cost of ownership

We believe in a world where everyone can experience surfing their perfect wave nearby and feel relaxed & stoked.

Natural look & feel

Experience an open lake view, world class waves with unlimited variation, and moreover a completely silent technology. All you hear is the sound of breaking waves.


A submerged pillow creates waves, making it extremely safe. 360° gently sloping beaches ensure surfers can exit the water anywhere, anytime.


Low operating costs thanks to a modular & energy efficient system. High ROI thanks to high capacity of surfers & suitable for all experience levels.

wavepool project

High quality waves

As waves move towards the shore, their speed, shape and size are constantly changing based on the tides, winds and the depths and contours of the ocean floor.

The waves we produce at an Allwaves wavepool resemble the world’s finest. They are made as though they have travelled whole oceans to reach perfect shorelines with ideal conditions.

AllWaves is also able to deliver a previously unseen diversity of wave types in our wavepools. From easy crumbling lips and clean open faces for easy turns and wide cutbacks for beginner & intermediate surfers. To large, heavy barrels and sections primed for big airs ideal for advanced & expert surfers. In short, any wave you like!

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