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Natural lagoon with 360° beaches

Natural look & feel

Visual impact and industrial noise can greatly reduce the enjoyment of man-made waves. For the first time, AllWaves brings a truly natural surf experience to wavepools. AllWaves surf pools closely replicate a real lake with the wavemaker submerged and invisible to surfers & visitors. In addition, AllWaves’ surf pools do not require vertical concrete walls.

The open lagoon layout creates infinite opportunities in the immediate vicinity: from beach bar to waterfront development. The only sound you will experience is the natural sound of breaking waves.


To offer an unforgettable experience, we recommend a minimum pool size of 10,000 square metres (100 m by 100 m). As our technology is modular, we can vary the size of the wavemaker by the meter. The width of 100 m is standard in all settings. The length can change and makes the rides longer.

The technical space needed is 120 square metres (excluding utilities). This allows technical infrastructure to be easily integrated into the surroundings landscape.

If not already present, showers, changing rooms, a surf shop and a place for food and drink can be added to the range of facilities at an AllWaves surf pool. With such additional provisions, the surf pool will become a hotspot, frequently visited as a social venue for different events. To accommodate for such developments, we recommend a minimum area of 14,000 square metres.

Surf pools are a great way to distinct your hotel, shopping mall, office building or golf course from your competition.

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