Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Safe and soft

The heart of our technology is a high-tech textile, submerged in a small part at the centre of the bottom of the surf pool. The profile of this membrane can be adapted very precisely, pulling water towards it, or pushing water away from it. This action creates swell at the water’s surface. Depending on the wave type selected, the membrane is situated between from 2.5 to 4 meters depth at a safe distance from the surfer. The wavemaker itself is a soft structure without grids, nets, ropes, or other components that could pose risks for entanglement with a surfer or surfboard.

The water column moves in sync with the up and down movement of the membrane so very little impact results when a curious surfer attempts to exchange a surf session for a diving session! This sophisticated tailormade textile, is designed in collaboration with world leaders in technical textiles. It is highly durable and can withstand the high demands of our dynamic application, ensuring long-life use.

Energy efficiency

A modular energy-efficient power system that allows high precision wave manipulation

High energy efficiency and manipulation with precise control of speed and position is key to generating different wave profiles. We chose a modular power system that complies with those needs and that has a proven track record that delivers high reliability. 

Efficient transfer of energy from the textile to the water

The design of the wavemaker ensures the most efficient transfer of energy from the textile to the water. The wavemaker resonates in perfect harmony with the water. This includes that no trailing waves are produced, which usually represent wasted energy, reduced efficiency and unpleasant surf sensation. 

Intelligent Software

AllWaves’ hardware is unique and world-leading, and additional intelligence lies in the AllWaves software. The user-friendly AllWaves operations App provides playlists with standard wave profiles for operators to choose from. The app controls the wavemaker according to the wave style and the number of surfers. The number of waves per hour can be tuned to the total number of surfers in the wavepool. No waves should go unsurfed (unless someone wipes out of course!). That way, no energy is wasted.

AllWaves App

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