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Partners joining us in R&D phase

We have partnered with different high-end parties to develop our revolutionary wavepool technology to generate surfable waves. With our background in wave energy & off-shore industry, we understand the hydrodynamics of waves. Because, the same laws of physics apply to the absorption and creation of waves.

LakeSide Paradise

To have a better idea of which waves different levels of surfers expect, we have enlisted the support of Lakeside Paradise. Founding father and surfing pioneer Frank Vanleenhove brings in years of surfing experience worldwide and extensive knowledge on surfers’ expectations & desires. 

“After following the wavepool evolution for many years all over the world, AllWaves appeared as a real revelation with a unique and never before seen technology. Both sustainable and safe, AllWaves produces waves for everybody in a more natural environment than any other system.

AllWaves also presents a realistic financial plan when it comes to construction and commercialisation.

AllWaves will blow the minds of the surfing world and beyond!

After Belgian Beer and waffles, it is now time for Belgian waves!”

Frank Vanleenhove
Belgian Surfing Pioneer since 1978
Founder of Surfers Paradise, Knokke-Heist, Belgium

Vydraulics Group

The Vydraulics Group (VAPO) is a strong player in hydraulic power systems. They are a high-end partner with an international track record in the maritime industry. The offshore sector is characterised by high performance demands. VAPO understands the cost of failure, so they make sure energy efficiency, safety, high reliability, and sustainability are top of mind when designing and executing operations. Moreover, the group is also active in the leisure industry (e.g. roller coatsers) and understands our requirements in terms of delivering uptime guarantees to our clients.

Coastal & Ocean Basin

Additionally, we can count on the Coastal & Ocean Basin (COB). The COB is a consortium of the Universities of Ghent and Leuven and Flanders Hydraulic Research Institute. They support us through academic research, knowledge sharing and performed in-depth experiments. They have provided the scientific grounds for the uniqueness of the AllWaves reef setup.

Blue Cluster

This collaboration initiative is facilitated by Blue Cluster. The Blue Cluster is an independent Belgian organisation that groups private companies with the purpose of developing and promoting economic activities linked to the sea. The Blue Cluster is recognised as a spearhead cluster by the Flemish government and focuses on several aspects of the sustainable blue economy, including blue tourism. 

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Furthermore, we receive financial support from Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship. VLAIO is a Flemish government agency charged with implementing economic, innovation and enterprise policy in Flanders. 

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