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Belgian surf pioneer Frank Vanleenhove, the founding father of the surfclub “Surfers Paradise” and the sister company “Lakeside Paradise”, evaluated different wave profiles in our 1/10 and 1/20 scale models. He looked at wave heights, shapes, styles and speeds. 

Frank brings in years of surf experience. Through his early-stage involvement, we integrated surfers’ expectations towards an artificial wave pool and imbedded that in our design. As waves of 2 m are in the model 20 cm, the evaluation is a mainly visual check of the different wave profiles. We looked at 48 different profiles considering all level of users with different preferences.

“Most people focus only on the shape of the lip, the shoulder, the pocket and tube of a wave when observing a wave. To be able to know whether a wave carries enough energy to surf on, you need also to focus on the waves’ backside. We want to see a rather flat shoulder with a vast amount of water that pushes the face in a perfect way (see picture). Secondly, we want to see what happens in the area just in front of the face. When water is sucked into the wave, we experience the wave as a qualified wave”, Frank explains.

When energy is not transferred correctly between the wavemaker and the water, trailing waves are created. These are extra waves in between the actual surf waves, which usually represent wasted energy, reduced efficiency and unpleasant surf sensation. “In none of the settings, we observed trailing waves.“, Frank adds. “I can’t wait to go and catch the waves in the full-scale centre. Countdown has started”.

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