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The key to building commercial wavepools is to design them as energy efficient as possible. Wavepool or surfpark operators are often deterred from the steep energy costs of generating artificial waves and their high total cost of ownership. To solve this problem, AllWaves draws experience from nature. In nature, waves travel over vast oceans and seas without dissipating a lot of energy. To the contrary even, energy is built up. So why are natural waves so energy efficient? And how can you design energy efficient wavepools? This boils down to how water particles move.


Wave technology inspired by nature. Backed by science.


In nature, many systems grow and move in circular patterns. To the Greeks, the circle was a symbol of divine symmetry and balance in nature. All things in nature also have a ‘natural frequency’.


Most engineers and architects steer away from an object’s ‘natural frequency’ as far as possible. Because it has a side effect too. It is the reason why suspension bridges and tall buildings in the mid 40s could collapse under heavy winds. This principle is called “resonance”. Many of you probably have seen a similar video in a high-school class.

Tahoma bridge in the 1940s

In the ocean, waves are created by adding energy to waterparticles. The counterintuitive truth is that water remains more or less in the same location! Waterparticles inside a wave move in a circular way. So water is not displaced or pushed from its origin to where the wave hits the coastal areas to the enjoyment of many surfers. The energy is transfered across miles, but the water particles remain in the same place. This too is an example of a resonant system.

Wave particle motion

Our wave engineers chose to work with nature rather than against it. We were inspired by these “resonance” laws. As a result, we engineered a wave technology in our wavepools to purposely create this resonant system. Underneath the surface, we install a submerged pillow we call the “wavemaker”. And we engineered a resonant system with the water. This ensures when waves are generated, water particles move in the same circular motion as in nature. Soft and simple. Read more about our wavemaker here.

Energy efficiency & surfing experience go hand in hand

Firstly the design of the wavemaker ensures the most efficient transfer of energy from the pillow to the water. The pillow resonates in perfect harmony with the water. Secondly, it implies no trailing waves are produced, which represents wasted energy and reduced efficiency. This piece of wave technology is one of the reasons why an AllWaves wavepool is the most energy efficient system in the market. Thirdly, it brings additional benefits to the surfing experience. When catching a wave you get the same experience as surfing in nature. There is a natural “suction” of the waterparticles towards the wave that occurs when a wave starts to build. Making it easier to catch a wave thanks to the speed difference between the surfboard and the water surface. Especially helpful for beginner surfers who don’t have a lot of paddling experience.

In conclusion, there is nothing “artificial” about our waves. Our waves are natural waves waiting to be surfed.

Keep surfing!

The Waveshapers


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