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Major step towards opening show room

Status wavepool

We are preparing our wavepool demo center in Knokke-Heist. Civil works are succesfully completed and the team started installing the wavepool machine (also known as our wavemaker). We are more than proud with the support we receive from the community of Knokke-Heist, Belgium. Today, the installation of the high voltage cabins to power our wavepool is a fact. Also, we will be using renewable energy to supply energy to our wavepool. This is a major step in demonstrating our technology to the world. The construction of the basin of 100 by 100 meter started in August 2021. Now, we are ready for the next steps. With the grid connection in place, we now can proceed with the installation of our wavemaker. Next, we will run the necessary dry tests before eventually filling the wavepool with water.

In Knokke-Heist, innovation and sustainability are high on the agenda. Besides, we are the surfing municipality par excellence,” says Mayor Piet De Groote. “AllWaves’ innovative and unique project immediately appealed to us. We are very pleased that the test facility will be opening in summer 2023 to demonstrate the uniqueness of the technology. Network operator Fluvius provided the right electrical capacities and just realized the electricity connection. That is an important technical milestone to be able to showcase the technology.”

We plan to open our show room in summer of 2023. Belgian surf pioneer Frank Vanleenhove, founding father of the famous water sport clubs Surfers & Lakeside Paradise, brings in his surfing experience. Together with international experts representing the surfer’s community, they will help us further fine tune different waves profiles for all levels of surfers.

Of course, potential B2B clients (site operators, developers, investors…) from all over the world will be exclusively invited to personally test & experience our waves. This is a crucial phaes in their technology decision process.

Unfortunately this demo site will never be open for the general public or for commercial surf park operations. The location in Knokke-Heist remains a showroom to demonstrate the innovative AllWaves technology. However, in parallel we have several plans to build a commercial site as soon as possible in Belgium.

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How to avoid backwash and wave reflection

AllWaves reefs are specifically designed to avoid backwash and wave reflection.

AllWaves reefs are specifically designed to avoid both backwash and wave reflection. With this purpose in mind, the Coastal Ocean Basin (COB) has created the scientific ground for the AllWaves reef setup. The Coastal Ocean Basin is a consortium of the Universities of Ghent and Leuven, and Flanders Hydraulic Research Institute.

But how to avoid backwash and wave reflection in a wavepool

In 2020 we started off with experiments in COB’s wave flume facility. This concrete wave flume is 30m long, 1m wide and 1.2m high. Under those circumstances a 2D slice of the passive wave absorber system can be investigated. Based on desk research that has been performed prior to the tests, a passive wave absorber system was selected. This was subject to further investigation in terms of both reflection coefficients and backwash velocities. In short, the experimental set-up, test matrix and analysis results serve as design guidance for the passive wave absorber system (reef) in our test surf pool in Knokke-Heist.

“Generating perfect wave conditions in recreational surf pools depends on the wave generation system and wave transformation phenomena. Backwash results in steep cross waves and confused wave conditions. Our experiments have led to a state-of-the-art solution delivering a generic reef, where more than 90% of the remaining energy is dissipated.”, says Prof. Peter Troch and Dr. Maximilian Streicher, Coastal & Ocean Basin, Ghent University, Belgium.

It is specifically designed to avoid backwash and wave reflection. This results in soft slopes where incoming waves break and disappear seamlessly. After an AllWaves wave breaks, the water flows back into the pool without disturbing the next perfect, rolling set of waves. Thanks to that, there is no need to interrupt the surfing session to calm down the water. Waves can roll non-stop. And the entire system has an optimized energy efficiency.

To conclude, the abscence of backwash and wave reflection is above all interesting for surf park operators to obtain a commercially viable business model of their wavepool. On the on hand, no wasted time between waves, means surfers can keep surfing, and everyone can catch at least 15 waves in a 1-hour session. On the other hand, no trailing waves means no wasted energy, so optimized operating expenses.

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